Reiki treatment:

A Reiki treatment can be transformational and life changing. We will have a chat before the session and afterwards I will share anything I picked up during the session. This might include any chakras that are blocked. We can then put a plan together on how to make improvements and move forward positively. The Reiki itself will last approx. 30 minutes. The whole experience will normally last between 1 hour and 1.5 hours. 

A Reiki treatment at the clinic costs £45.
I also offer readings by phone, skype and email

Tarot consultation:

Need guidance to navigate a challenging situation?
Need insight and clarification?

A tarot consultation will give tips and guidance on how to get from A to B, and offer assistance to overcome obstacles.
Get insight into to your own strengths and the best way forward.

Trained by Richard Knight, professional Tarot reader, these readings elevate Tarot beyond fortune telling to a coaching session, and have been instrumental in moving clients forward.

Tarot Consultation 30 mins £35